Global Education Week

The Global Education Week (GEW) is a Europe-wide awareness-raising event, which takes place annually in formal and non-formal educational settings across the continent.

The 2016 Global Education Week will take place on 12-20 November. The theme of this new edition is “Acting Together for a World of Peace”.

Global Education Guidelines

The GE Guidelines (2008, updated versions in 2010 & 2012) strengthened the conceptual and methodological framework of Global Education. Their main aim is to provide practitioners – from both the formal and non-formal education sectors – with general elements and competences, which they can develop and adapt to their local context.

The Guidelines are available in 15 languages.

Online Training Courses

OTCs exist since 2009, and they cover three different dimensions of GE:

Each course is available twice a year.

A 2012 study entitled Global Education through E-learning: Uncovering Outcomes shows that “the course improves participants’ awareness of global issues and interconnectedness as well as skills which they apply in their current practice, in new activities, advocacy and in policy making”.

European Congress on Global Education

3rd European Congress on Global Education | Zagreb, Croatia - 26-28 November 2015

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2nd European Congress on Global Education | Lisbon, Portugal - 27-28 September 2012
Ten years after the pioneering 1st Congress on Global Education, held in Maastricht, the 2nd GE Congress reunited practitioners and policy-makers from all over the world. Ten years on, capacity-building efforts proved fruitful, awareness of GE had risen, and its concepts and contents had improved significantly.